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Karrelene Memorials

McMac's But I'm Speshul CD

8/10/81 - 4/9/96

Panda was our foundation bitch. She earned her CD at 12 1/2 years. She did not like the show ring so wasn't shown until 11 1/2 years and went Best of Breed from the classes and took reserves for majors but never finished.

You came to us at 14 weeks and left us 14 years later leaving a big legacy. You live on in your great great grand children but were truly one of a kind. You loved to travel with us even to dog shows and would be the first one into the vehicle and refused to get out unless you got your ride. We took you on many rides as someone left the truck door open. When we obedience trained Elliott you would follow behind and imitate so we taught you obedience at 12 1/2 and you earned your title in 4 shows. We will always remember your undying love, devotion and protecting us from burglars. Your "human kid, Karie" learned well the handling lessons YOU taught her and now shows your great great grandchildren.........with their feet in the right place as you taught.......grin. Our hearts broke when you left sweet "Pat-A-Pest".

11½ years

Earning CD at 12 ½



Am Can Ch Karrelene's Speshul Miracle

12/18/88 - 10/20/96

Your birth was a miracle and so your name. You grew up sitting in your "human kids' " laps. They still talk about how you would knock them down to sit in their laps or if they laid down you would sit on them. You were raised a farm dog and saw your first show ring at 4 and unlike your mother, Panda, decided this was for you. You quickly earned both your Championships and set an enviable show record owner handled. With your last Best of Breed and Group cut just two months before your death. You left us much too young in a hunting accident leaving a hole in our hearts.

Miracle is the dam of a Top Producer and Brood Bitch of the Year Award Winner. She is pictured at 7 1/2 Years.

OFA GSE-2206G35F


Am Can UKC Ch Kaber JPS Joint Venture Am Can CD CGC

5/28/87 - 9/2/00

He is available via frozen semen

You came to us just before your fifth birthday and gave us unending love, devotion and guarded the grandchildren until you crossed the bridge. We miss you still, laying in your favorite place next to the computer while we worked. Your daughter now lays there. We will never forget your antics in the obedience ring that caused gales of laughter which just spurred you on to even better antics. We remember you working in the field and especially the "great quail escape" when you were 10 1/2. You pointed hundreds of escaped birds only to have your grandchildren come and grab them and run off. We miss you still sweet boy.

Elliott is the sire of a Top Producer and Brood Bitch of the Year Award Winner. Available via frozen semen.

The picture above is him at 5 years finishing his American Championship with his third major.

OFA 1994G38M
rcd-4 (late onset PRA) AMGL 93610 University of Missouri Clear

W inning 4th place in Novice B at 7 years


BIS Am Can Mex Int'l World 99 Champion of The Americas UKC Ch Duurstede's Mactarnahan Can CD, CGN

August 17, 1994 - February 13, 2009

He is available via frozen semen.


Winning Best In Show at 2 years of age



BIS BISS Am & Can Ch, Can & UKC Grand Ch Karrelene's Bagpiper, Am Can CD Am Can RN CGN

March 11, 1996 - May 21, 2009

He is available via frozen semen.

Galen taking Best in Show under Sandra Lex





Am Can UKC Ch Karrelene's I'm Speshul Too

April 30, 1994 - August 10, 2009

You were the only puppy your mother ever gave us, but what a gift you were. You loved tormenting your grandmother, Panda, by trying to steal her favorite bed or just touching it while she was in it. You and your mother, Miracle, loved to play "Roll A Dog" with poor big gawky Treever, when he was a pup. The two of you would lay in wait at the door waiting for him to come out and would chase him down, running into him broadside so that he went down rolling. You two did it so often, that it got to the point you would run at him and make a grab and he would go down and roll without being touched. You accomplished so much in your life. You were the Gordon Setter Club of America's Brood Bitch of The Year in 1998 (tied), earned your Top Producer award in 1999 with 10 Champions to your credit who hold a total of 24 Championships between them, the mother of a Canadian Number 8 All Breed winner, a seven time Best In Show & seven time Best In Specialty Winner, two other Best In Specialty winners, and Group winners, as well as Junior Hunters, Obedience titlists and above all beloved Companions. You gave us so very much and hold a special place in our hearts. I hope your reunion with the others was joyous."

OFA Good, PennHip Clear 0.35 / 0.29, Cerf GSE-461/2004-126, DNA V177706



Ch Karrelene's Monte Carlo Man

April 19, 2005 - July 6, 2010

You left your mom, Nikkie, and us suddenly and much too soon. We still can't believe you are gone and miss your happy goofy personality. You were always ready to play with your mom or the other dogs and loved climbing up on things to peer over six foot fences with your tail wagging merrily and we will never forget your ability to open any crate you were put in when the mood struck you and even truck cap doors. You would open your crate at times and go visiting other people at the shows and we would hear an announcement over the PA system that a loose Gordon was at the announcers booth. We still wonder why you would never open a crate that friends of ours put you in..........was it because they didn't know better and we did? Enjoy your reunion with the others, sweet boy.




Am Can UKC Ch Karrelene's Ain't I Speshul Am Can CD Am Can RN CGN

6/20/1997 - 9/27/2010

Leilani, sweet lovely Leilani, we miss you so and don't understand your sudden loss. Your bed next to ours is so empty. Thankfully we had one wonderful last time in the ring together two days earlier. You were having so much fun being back in the ring after all the years and showed your heart out and even won a first place, it was hard to believe that you were 13 years old. You begged bait from everyone you could and tried to help yourself to it in a couple of instances. I still remember vividly your hunting and retrieving birds in 10 inches of snow at 12 years of age and not wanting to quit when we said that was enough. Who can forget the times in the obedience ring where you shined, especially with your "dad". One day we will meet again.




BISS Am Can Ch Karrelene's Secret Agent Man Am Can CD Am Can RN JH CGN

June 9, 2000 – July 13, 2012

He is available via frozen semen


OFA GSE-4153G24M-PI Hips Good
PennHip clear 0.33 / 0.31
Cerf GSE-741/2012-122
rcd-4 (late onset PRA) GSE-P4-143/122M-PI Clear
DNA V355290





You were taken from your family unexpectedly and went to join the others and Grandpa at the Rainbow Bridge. You did a wonderful job raising your human kids; Matthew, JR, Lilly & Audrey and they miss you greatly. We will never forget your insistence that all the children be in the same room at the same time when Lilly & Audrey were babies, so that you could stand guard over them all. Though I think our favorite was when Lilly & Audrey were just learning to sit by themselves and you would curl your big body around the one trying to sit so that she was against your belly and then you would put your head across her lap, thereby keeping her from tipping over. You were so very gentle with your “kids” and protective of them. Enjoy the green bird filled fields at the Rainbow Bridge.





Am Can Ch Karrelene's Renaissance Man Am Can RN CGN

October 25, 2002 – August 28, 2013

He is available via frozen semen


OFA GSE-4153G24M-PI Hips Good
PennHip clear 0.33 / 0.31
Cerf GSE-741/2012-122
rcd-4 (late onset PRA) GSE-P4-143/122M-PI Clear
DNA V355290


You were and always will be my Jamie Boy and had to be with me always, which presented problems in the obedience ring as you decided that “stay” meant “come to Mom”, so you never earned your obedience title even though you knew all of it. If you were still connected to Mom by your umbilical cord otherwise called a leash all was fine and you would stay until the cows came home so you easily earned your Rally Novice title with high scores, as you could stay connected to Mom. You did not like the show ring as you had been badly frightened at your first show by unruly screaming children running around you in circles, but we worked thru that and you earned your two championships mostly because you got to be with Mom. You made sure you were my constant companion, even to the end. While only given two weeks to live due to cancer of the spleen you lived another 9 months thankfully with no pain, eating and acting normal. Then the day came when you wouldn’t eat and came to get me to let you out and then we had to help you back in and you climbed into your favorite crate and lay down and I sat and petted you. I left the room for a couple minutes and when I came back you were gone leaving a huge hole in my heart. I miss you sharing my morning cornflakes, you would eat one flake at a time and crunch it thoroughly before you begged for another which made us laugh. How could a big dog chew up one little corn flake?

It is comforting to know you are at the Bridge with those who have gone before you and Dad and will be waiting. Uncle Mark misses sharing his pretzel rods with you.