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Karrelene Memorials

Am Can Ch Karrelene's Island Treasure Am Can CD Am Can RN JH CGN

7/12/00 - 9/19/14



Treasure was one of our first BBB (Beauty Brains & Birdsense) winners. She had to earn an American Championship, an American Hunting title and an Obedience or Agility title. This is an honor that not many Gordons earn.”

Treasure, your passing has left a large hole in my heart I had so hoped that we would have more time together, but there is never enough time even though we had 14 years and two months. You have gone to be with your Dad and all the other Gordons who left before you. Now you are young again and bounding thru the fields looking for those birds and cuddling with Dad. Treasure you were well named, as you were such a Treasure. I look at your favorite bed and expect to see you there, but you aren’t. I miss sharing my morning corn flakes or rice krispies with you. You always took one corn flake or krispie at a time and thoroughly chewed each one before asking for another one, I think you liked to hear the crunch. It doesn’t seem possible that you could have chewed up those small pieces so thoroughly. I have cucumbers sitting on the counter waiting for you to beg for them, you so loved cucumbers and their peels. I miss you following me all over the yard while I worked and your eagerly awaiting the cookie you knew would come. Even when you could no longer get into the truck or car on your own, you would beg to go for a ride and liked to go to see your buddy, Nikkie, for a grooming. Some day we will all be together again.



Am Can Ch Warchant Penelope AD Am Can CD Am Can RN JH CGN

10/24/03 - 2/27/12




Penny and her brother Achilles arrived in Michigan from Australia in February 2004 in subzero temps and with a lot of snow on the ground and were delighted with all that white stuff and went racing thru it and tried to tunnel under it, which should have given us a warning of what was to come. They very quickly earned the nick name, Demon Spawn, as there wasn’t much they wouldn’t try. They loved racing thru the raised Iris gardens grabbing the tops of the Iris’s as they went racing thru, thereby pulling them out of the ground and would then race back thru grabbing more of the Iris’. They would pester the adults until one of the adults would snap at them and they would yelp and run only to make another try at the adult in question. They found ways to escape the fenced yard that a rat would have had trouble going thru and would race over to my girlfriend’s 40 acres away. Once there they would go swimming in her pond and chase the ducks on the pond. Penny would swim to the middle and drive the ducks to shore where Achilles would wait about 18 inches from shore and then they would chase the ducks until they flew off. One hapless duck thought it could avoid them and just waddle off in a different direction, but was soon caught by Achilles. Penny wanted the duck too, so a tug of war ensued with the hapless duck in the middle, luckily it was rescued by my girlfriend in time and other than a few missing feathers was fine. The “Demon Spawn” then raced back home, as I was getting ready to go get them, and Achilles went under the fence and Penny went under the drive way gate where there was only about 5 inches of clearance and she came up the drive way at a run, hit the ground and under she went. As the two of them were now about a year old and constantly getting into trouble we decided to separate them and not allow them to run together anymore and that worked for Achilles as he behaved perfectly when he wasn’t with his sister. Penny was obviously the ring leader of the escapades and she calmed down some too. When she took Treasure for a swim at the pond and tried to show her how to go under the driveway gate, we got snow fence and fastened it to the gate so that the snow fence dragged the ground and that ended Penny’s escapes. She spent the better part of a week check the gate and laying next to it sighing, before she gave it up totally. Penny even climbed halfway up a 10 ft Blue Spruce to try to get the birds that were in it..........the poor tree was not designed to carry her weight and has not been the same since.

Penny we loved you and your antics so.......once we calmed down again. You loved the show ring, the hunting, the obedience and rally rings there was nothing you wouldn’t try. You could be frustrating, like when I was teaching you to sit and you just didn’t get it or so I thought until I told your Dad to try.........I had been trying for 3 weeks and everything else you picked up in one or two lessons.............and he took you and said “sit” and you immediately did in a perfect obedience position. I could have cheerfully strangled you at that point, as neither I nor the obedience instructor were able to make you sit no matter what! After that I guess you knew the jig was up and would sit every time with no hesitation. I have many pictures of you doing silly things like sleeping upside down with feet in the air and your tail in the filled water dish...........my sweet Penny you were truly one of a kind and I miss you desperately. You left us suddenly of diabetes after only two days of our knowing about it. It was so sudden, you had been fine and had just won in the show ring two weeks before. Enjoy the lovely fields and the other Gordons, one day we will be together again.







Am Can Ch Karrelene's Winter Fantasy

12/17/04 - 1/10/2012



Elbows Normal

CHIC# 36766

Cerf GSE-788/2007--36



Our sweet darling Ijana, you were always very much daddy’s girl and always wanted to be in his lap even if he was pulling weeds in the gardens. He would sit on the borders or the ground and into his lap you would go, you would even try it if he were squatting down. At all the dog shows you would climb into his lap and go to sleep. You would guard Dakota, our grandson, when he was young, if he camped at the shows you shared the tent with him to make sure he was safe and you loved showing for him. You adored him even when he grew to be a big burly football player, it made no difference big or small he was still your Dakota. At 6 you were diagnosed with bladder cancer and we had it removed and for almost two years all was right again and then it came back more aggressive than ever and you left us just 12 days before your dad did. We never told him, as we didn’t want to upset him, we knew his cancer would take him shortly too. We had you cremated and put you in Dad’s lap forever where you always wanted to be